Snake Wall And Maze

An undulating circular wall measuring 400 feet in length (with varying heights from 4 to 9 feet) surrounds the garden. Monumental sculpted, playful serpents, decorated in colorfully patterned mosaics, slither along the top of the wall. Their curved bodies form a pattern of solids and voids that allows visitors to see landscape vistas beyond the garden. The "snake wall" has one entrance into the garden. It opens into a maze whose walls and floors are covered with bold patterns of black, white and mirrored tiles. This gateway "announces that you are crossing a threshold into a magical world - the world of your past, your roots, your land, your unconscious dreams", observed Marcelo Zitelli, the artist's curator and longtime assistant. Once through the maze visitors enter the central Courtyard.

Surface Materials

The  wall is largely faced in natural-colored Mexican pebble stones while the snake and other sculptures feature tens of thousands of individually hand-cut glass, ceramic and stone mosaics. Several sections of the wall are also decorated with high-fired ceramic plaques, each incised with Native American rock art symbols, planetary forms and hearts, as well as the hand imprints and signatures of the artist's team and family members.


Built from polystyrene encased in urethane skin with applied fiberglass coating over a steel armature. Designed from artist's original maquettes with computer-assisted modeling and prototyping.


La Paloma, Sun Valley, CA; Ron McPherson, owner

Mosaic Installation

Art Mosaic Incl., Santee, CA; Lech Juretko, owner